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Food Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Cosmeceutical Ingredients

Pharmaceutical Ingredients



The Nanomega line has been specially developed to have a high concentration of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, high stability and purity in powdered form (for better application in solid products, or capsules), or in liquid form .

Products in this line are

Nanomega 3
Nanomega 6

Nanomega 9



(Chelated Minerals)
The NaturalPro Minerals line is composed of chelated minerals (organic minerals) that have high bioavailability and low interaction with the drug formulation. Each mineral has its specific function, presented in the NaturalPro product leaflets.

The chelate minerals were evaluated in terms of bioavailability in vivo as well as are obtained with complete control of the production reactions and the strict quality control of the molecules of the final product.

Products in this line are:

NaturalPro Iron (iron chelate)
NaturalPro Iron Taste Free (no flavor)
NaturalPro Magnesium (magnesium chelate)
NaturalPro Magnesium Taste Free
NaturalPro Zinc (zinc chelate)
NaturalPro Zinc Taste Free
NaturalPro Calcium (calcium chelate)
NaturalPro Calcium Taste Free
NaturalPro Manganese (Manganese chelate)
NaturalPro Vanadium (vanadium chelate)
NaturalPro Selenium (selenium chelate)
NaturalPro Chromium (chrome chelate)
NaturalPro Copper (copper chelate)
NaturalPro Boron (boron chelate)
NaturalPro Silicon (silicon chelate)
NaturalPro Molybdenum (molybdenum chelate)

New minerals:

Zinco Arginina
Zinco Aspartato
Calcio Arginina
Calcio Methionina
Calcio Ornitina
Magnésio Arginina
Magnésio Aspartato


(Special Emulsifier, and Naturals)
The Monomax line is a unique line developed both to promote emollience, emulsifying power in the formulation of cosmetics, bases and ointments as well as to nourish the skin because, in addition to being emulsifying, they have essential and bioactive fatty acids from the original raw material, such as phytosterols, tocopherols, among other assets.

Thus, the Monomax line, rich in bioactives, has enormous advantages over synthetic emulsifiers such as monoglycerides (monoacylglycerols).

Finally, because of their physical and chemical properties, they can be used together, or substituted, with animal waxes.

Products in this line are:

MonoMax Sunflower
MonoMax Coffee

Suggested Dosage:
Cremes: 2 a 10%
Bases: 2 a 10%


(Natural Vitamins)
The Vonplex line consists of Natural vitamins obtained from plants by unique process.

Vonplex A, has antioxidant, coloring and nutritional properties, as well as sun protection for being rich in carotenoids (red). Its antioxidant protection is high protecting the cells by their action against the formation of free radicals.

Vonplex E has nutritional action and mainly action against free radicals, for being excellent natural antioxidant. Finally, it protects formulations against oxidation, being a powerful natural antioxidant.

Vonplex F is a special vitamin that has action in the regeneration of the skin cells, aiding in its restoration.

Products in this line are:

Vonplex A
Vonplex E
Vonplex F

These vitamins can be liposoluble or water soluble.


(UltraPurified fatty Oils, Pharrmaceutical Grade)
The Ultrapur line refers to ultrapurified oils made by means of only physical processing, without the use of solvent, maintaining all the original properties of the oils: it is a unique process, and Patented), unlike the refining that introduces caustic soda and that removes the majority of the bioactive of the original product, as in the refining of the oil of the soybean that its purpose is basically for frying.

The ultrapurification process removes the fatty acids that contaminate the products, peroxides, hydroperoxides, as well as promote much better color and remove strong odors from the products, thus promoting much stability to the final product.

Depending on the level of ultrapurification desired, one can obtain a product within the most demanding qualities, such as Pharmaceutical (USP, EP, BP).

Ultra-purified products can be used at cosmetic, pharmaceutical (as injectable carriers) or even foodstuffs levels, with the great differential containing all their bioactive preserved and suitable for use as organic products.

Products in this line are:

UltraPur Sunflower
UltraPur Palm
UltraPur Coffee
UltraPur Sesame
UltraPur Macadamia
UltraPur Soy
UltraPur Cotton

Or other custom fatty oil. These oils can also be supplied in microencapsulated (powdered) form.








(Vegetal Extrats)

The extract line is composed of plant extracts in solid or liquid form (hydroalcoholic, or other solvent).

NaturalPro has developed an exclusive process where you can get all plant assets, from the most volatile to the most complex, maximizing the effects on the final product.

All extracts are standardized by their own instruments.

The main products of this line are:

Extrata Valeriana
Extrata Sene
Extrata Rosemary
Extrata St John's wort
Extrata Mint
Extrata GingkoBiloba
Extrata Mango
Extrata Guava

Or another active, on demand.


(Natural Antioxidants)
The products of the Antiox line of NaturalPro are totally natural and evaluated in vitro in their potentiality.

They are composed basically of natural tocopherols and phenolic compounds, such as carnosic acid. By being natural they substitute in great technical advantage their artificial pairs and they are powerful natural antioxidants.

Products in this line are:

Antiox Tocol
Antiox Rosmarinus
Antiox Maximus


(Special Bioactives)
Tocopur is an ultraconcentrated product in plant bioactive products, among them tocopherols, phytosterols, scalene, tocotrienois, essential fatty acids, among other bioactive products derived from vegetable and, in a single product, it has diverse functions, among them nutritive, antioxidant, emollient and stabilizer formulation.



The Nanopur line consists of products that use nanotechnology, that is, particles with dimensions smaller than 1000 nanometers. The encapsulating agents used in our technology are natural compounds, which have no deleterious effect on the body, and which have the function of protecting the bioactive nanoparticles from oxidation or other interference. On the other hand, it promotes better efficacy of the bioactives because they are small enough to be very close to the cells, thus facilitating their delivery systems.

Products in this line are:

NanoPur Coffee
NanoPur Tocopur
NanoPur Macadamia
NanoPur Sesame

Or another active, on demand. 


FitoPur is a special product of bioactive rich in phytosteroids (vegetables), composed mainly of campesterol, sitosterol and stigmasterol. NaturalPro produces it in concentrations up to 96%.

Its main activity is to aid in the proven control of cholesterol absorption by the body and therefore can be used as a drug, or in foods and nutritional systems.

Recommended Dosage: 200 to 1000 mg/day. 


UltraPur Bases®

(Special Bases)
The UltraPur Bases line consists of pre-prepared bases with specific functions, as below, using all technologies developed by the company.

Products in this line are:

UltraPur Bios exfoliation
UltraPur Bios nutrition
UltraPur Bios moisturizing
UltraPur Bios protective

Suggested use:
Creams: 3 to 10%
Bases: 2 to 5%



The ColorPro line is made up of natural colorants among them orange, yellow, green, for use as a natural colorant in substitution of artificial colors in specific cases, minimizing the effects of the use of artificial colors.

Products in this line are

ColorPro Yellow
ColorPro Orange
ColorPro Red
ColorPro Green
ColorPro Rose


(Natural Flavors)
The SmellMax Line is composed of the best notes of the Natural Fruit aromas, known as Top Notes. These notes represent those aromas of fresh, freshly picked fruit from the orchard. These scents (or fragrances) are unique.

The ingredients of this line are:

SmellMax Mango
SmellMax Orange
SmellMax Lemon
SmellMax Guava

and so on.

Further, other flavorings may be produced according to the demand and in the encapsulated (solid) form, such as peanut, cashew, banana, grape, strawberry, pineapple, milk, chocolate, cream, yogurt, vinegar, among others.







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